Welcome to and the road goes on, the motorcycle trip site of Paul and Erik. After having travelled through Ireland, Scotland, around the Adriatic Sea and through Eastern Europe together, we finally turn our dream of making a long trip into reality.

Leaving in May 2018, from Amsterdam, our intended route takes us through Turkey, Georgia, Azerbeidjan, Central Asia through Mongolia to Vladivostok in Russia.

A few words about us:


I am Erik – infected by the long-distance motorcycle virus since 2006. Having acquired my motorcycle license at the ripe old age of 38, I left no opportunity unused to make up for lost time. I travelled through Turkey, Morocco, and most of Europe on my BMW, some solo but most of the trips with Paul. This journey will be the longest I ever made, and I am very excited about it. With all the preparations it feels like the trip already has started.

New photo by Erik Dooper / Google Photos

I live in Amsterdam, and when I’m not riding my bike, I work as an IT architect, specialised in cloud IT infrastructure.


My name is Paul and I got my motor driving license when I was 21 in order to win a bet for some beer, and allowing me to go on my first motorbike holiday with some friends to former Yugoslavia in 1990.

After owning a shared Honda Bol d’Or, I rented many different bikes to go on riding weekends with friends through the Ardennes, Germany, Scotland and France.

Finally I chose to buy a 1200GS when I turned 40 and started to go on longer tours, mainly with Erik (Scotland, Ireland, Adriatic, Eastern Europe).

New photo by Paul Schim van der Loeff / Google Photos

This trip is the first time in my life I will be travelling for more than a month. I hope there will be many more.

In my daily life I live in Paris where I run a sales agency for design and decoration products.

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  1. Have a great time on this mind-boggling trip. Hope you come across your personal 42 along the way 😉

  2. Erik and Paul,

    have a great ride, looking forward to read your adventures.

    See you in September


  3. goede reis! wist niet dat jullie vanuit Amsterdam vertrokken!

    Ik woon daar ook reeds een tijdje… had ik jullie kunnen uitzwaaien. Wat een lange reis! have fun! good luck!

  4. Wat een plan mannen ! En nu gaat het gebeuren…

    Ik wens jullie een pracht reis en ervaring.

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