Off Road Trainings. Now we are ready!

Everything is packed, the to do list is done, we are ready! This week I bought a new motor suit and boots, and my saddle problem has been perfectly solved by Tijger Leathers. Thank you Remco!

So, today is Monday 14 May. The initial plan was to leave yesterday, on Sunday the 13th.  But Erik’s doctor wanted to see his leg once more, before the big trip.

Erik had an unfortunate fall during sport and hurt his leg 2 weeks ago. He now has 8 stitches on his left shin, which normally wouldn’t be a problem, but last Monday we had our third and last off-road training and his leg got infected.

He is now on antibiotics and his leg is swollen and does not look really pretty. I won’t post any photo….

The good thing is that it gave me an extra day to play around with my GoPro trying to make my first video. Hell, that is tough. First selecting the right clips, adding music, making it interesting, special effects, colouring, rendering, etc, etc.

Here is the first result and yes, I know, I am not there yet, but time is up. We have to pack and leave now.

So, enjoy our first video of day 2 and 3 of our off road courses. Great two days by the way at BERRT. I advise everyone to do it. Thanks Werner and Bert!

Hopefully the videos will get better once we hit the more interesting parts of this world.

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