Feeling like Elon Musk

I’m feeling like Elon Musk, but not in a good way. It’s like the launch of the Falcon Heavy that has to be postponed due to the weather. My leg, which I hurt 2 weeks ago and required stitches, has become infected during the off-road training. It was an active and useful day and I forgot all about the wound, and stuff has gotten in. Although I have been taking antibiotics and they are working well, the infection is not fully gone and the doctors won’t let me leave just yet.

We have been preparing to leave for a long time now, and it’s frustrating to sit and wait. But on the other hand, leaving now would be foolish and I don’t want to have to spend time in strange hospitals being treated by doctors I don’t understand. We had a look at our planning and there is no impact, we don’t really have dates anywhere that are in danger by leaving a few days later.

So I will keep you posted – at least we have time to work on our video editing skills 🙂

— Erik

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